Mitchell House 2021

Date: Saturday, 4th September 2021
Location: Mitchell House, Polokwane
SACEE Polokwane
Chief Adjudicator: Kyle Lyle



Round 1: In times of a national crisis, this house supports governments efforts to lie to its public. (Prepared)

Round 2: Assuming the right to choice is universal, this house would extend that right to vaccination.

Round 3: This house believes that African states should not invest in space travel. (Prepared)

Round 4: This house would strip all superheroes of their abilities.


Round 1: This house supports the use of health passports. (Prepared)

Round 2: In order to curb disinformation, this house would force social media sites and platforms to permanently remove anti-vaxxer accounts. (Prepared)

Round 3: In light of the high unemployment rate, this house would allow unemployed graduates to seek a full refund from institutions.

Round 4: Ingenious sounds are sounds that originate from native (cultural or ethic) groups, example of these are Kwaito and Amapiano, this house regrets the trend of foreign artists using indigenous sounds.

Hall of Fame – Junior

  • Champions Taxila Secondary School
  • 1st Runner-up Eagle’s Nest Christian School
  • 2nd Runner-up Hoërskool Noorderland
  • Best Speakers Natasha Gurure (Taxila Secondary School)
  • 1st Runner-up Raeesa Bhikhoo (Taxila Secondary School)
  • 2nd Runner-up Regaugetswe Ramulondi (Eagle’s Nest Christian School)

Hall of Fame – Senior

  • Champion Maseala Progressive Independent School
  • 1st Runner-up Taxila Secondary School
  • 2nd Runner-up Hoërskool Noorderland
  • Best Speaker  Keabetswe Rabodiba (Maseala Progressive Independent School)
  • 1st Runner-up Dimpho Thobela (Maseala Progressive Independent School),
  • 2nd Runner-up Mantswi Ramakgolo (Hoërskool Noorderland)