Junior Motions from SA Junior Trials

Round 1
This house would lift the veil of incorporation for directors of multi-national corporations for violations of labour laws/workers’ rights by their companies in developing countries.

The veil of incorporation limits the personal liability of corporate directors, officers, and employees for actions taken by the business they represent or own. Lifting the veil of incorporation means removing the restrictions that limit corporate directors, officers and employees from being held liable for the actions taken by the business they represent or own.

Round 2
This house would introduce a system of trade-able quotas for asylum seeks in the EU.

Round 3
This house would deny companies, that are not environmentally friendly, economic relief post the covid-19 pandemic.

Round 4
This house regrets the dominant narrative that moral progress is inevitable (e.g.”The moral arc of history bends towards justice”).

Round 5
This house believes that the defunding of the police should be a priority in all developing nations.

76 thoughts on “Junior Motions from SA Junior Trials”

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