Director’s Note

This morning I received a letter from one of the learners I coach. She asked ,”Mr Mash… I wanted to ask if we’ll ever have debating again?” After I took a deep breathe , I was relieved to respond, “Yes, there is debating again…”

I had never thought in my wildest dreams that debating tournaments would ever be illegal to host. I am grateful that the Department of Basic Education released the suspension by October 2020.

Since then, the national championship was hosted via Discord. SA Senor Trials and Junior Trials followed. This year looks set to be a packed year for debating. Various tournaments have sprung up in many corners of the world as global citizens respond to the covid pandemic.

Our leagues will also move online to assist with the physical distance required to beat covid-19. This will be a different experience for teachers and learners alike but goes a long way in preparing our young ones for the virtual futures ahead of them.

And maybe if we are a little lucky we can add one league to the family of leagues the association manages. Let’s all stay safe and honour the memory of those who are no longer with us.

– Tlou Mashitisho